1. LOVE SEEING ALL OF THE LOVE FOR KELSEY IN THE COMMENTS! She needs to do more! We love her! This was so entertaining, a lot due to her. 🙂

  2. I am kinda of shocked, I just think it’s nasty when these women act like they’re animal lovers on TV, and then they use eating “pythons” which is a known pet, as the clickbait to the video. I’m not saying she should be vegan or vegetarian, I’m not but for me personally, anything that is considered a pet, or anything that is really smart like octopus or even jellyfish, I don’t feel comfortable eating… I know every human is their own self, we are all individuals, but she (Cavallari) has a big audience and people follow her and do what she does. A lot of our world’s exotic animal species are dying out… it’s just to me and other certain people that can’t not think about the animals living conditions through their short lives, and what they have to go thru during the hunting, processing, farming, breeding process/all that. And then seeing these girls who are idols to some people, who make great money that could afford to do something different and more beneficial for marketing/interviewing purposes and work with (LIVE) exotic animals at the same time them chose to do it this way.
    All I can think about while they laugh and eat and guess what animal they’re eating is these beautiful animals and how they behave with their families and babies, and how happy they are when they’re rescued, or when they’re on Animal Planet. I don’t know, some people are just kind of sensitive to certain things I guess. Our planet is dying, and it’s hard to stop worrying about.
    I follow a bunch of emus of instagram, they’re very sweet pets. I didn’t realize people ate them.

  3. This is such a different perspective of both Kristin and jay! They’re so down to earth and really chill! I can’t wait for the new series!! Kristin and jay, more mukbangs!! Their knowledge of food is so impressive ❤️

  4. I have never watched the show b4, but I love their chemistry as a couple and I looove his nonchalant, corky, sensitive, manly kind of laid back mannerism. O… and the host was GREAT!!!!!!!!

  5. This was more like "let's sample a bite of some fancy but gross/non-traditional meats." The interview aspect makes it feel unnatural. The best mukbangs are when they have a bunch of GOOD food and the conversation just flows.


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