1. Do you all actually believe Kourtney has never had any work done? She just doesn't have her business out there, she's always been a private person. Sisters get on each other's nerves and fight. CHILL!

  2. Sorry but I thought Kloé was a monkey sticking it's lips out for a sec. I had to take a double take and realized it was a woman not a monkey making a face. I didn't mean for this to sound rude sorry if it did. But LAWD!!! 😨

  3. Real talk : Kourtney is the laziest and uses spending time with her kids as an excuse to escape other responsibilities. …I see her on vacations for days away from the kids all the time but she won't spare time for something work related ….Laziness !!!! Kim was right to call her out.

  4. Maybe they shouldn’t make her feel like she has nothing to offer, nobody wants to feel less than, ijs , maybe that’s why she’s acting like that..🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. Ya’ll are saying Kourtney is the least “fake” to look at… but she is the most stuck up. Extremely stuck up. Sorry but I’d rather be friends with Kim and Khloe. Stuck up people are very ugly on the inside.

  6. I think insulting a woman for staying at home with her children is one of the most disgusting things you can say, especially as a woman yourself.

  7. I dont understand how people don't see why Kim is frustrated lol. The comment was unnecessary but she's absolutely right about Kourtney not wanting to do anything and trying to boss everyone around. Kourtney does nothing. She goes on vacations and goes on Instagram, her kids are taken care of by nannies and on top of all that she's trying to schedule her very busy family around when she has no obligations for herself. Seeing it from Kim's perspective, as a successful businesswoman to have so many things to plan and have so much on your plate, Kourtney comes across sooo rude even Kris has to tell her to be nicer. People are so set on a comment made that probably came from a place of pure annoyance and anger that they're not realizing how incredibly rude and lazy Kourtney constantly comes across. I don't love Kim and I don't care much for this family but she's so trashed in the public eye that even when she's making clear and valid points, people focus on her poor choice of wording rather than her actual point and that's a shame lol families fight and people a lot of times say things in anger that they don't mean. The big message here that people are ignoring is how lazy Kourtney is yet she pretends to be the "busiest" and tries to boss her entire family around lol


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