1. Lmao they are always trying to make Scott look like he wants kourtney back and it really really doesnt seem like it . And I'm so happy for him . Production on this show just need to let this man be happy.

  2. She still loves him but he hurt her too many times so she thought she'd get even. In the end it just broke both their hearts more. Now he's going further and further with Sofia who he was in limerence with but could eventually lead to love. Lust is what everyone has in the beginning and if you're together that long that's real love. He might not turn back to Kourt, and it'll be too late. They'll just look back years later and wonder what if? I think she's cold because she's scared to be vulnerable. Out of all of them I think she's the most sensitive. Her parents divorce had a long lasting impact on her attachment style more than any of the others. I think they should give it a final committed shot, no holding back, so they can either have full closure or happiness. He's better now, and she can go to therapy for vulnerability issues. I'm sure she'd work on it now that she knows he can be gone forever. It's a real tragedy if they dont give it one final shot.They should grow old together. Looks fade, real love doesn't.

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  4. My heart aches so much seeing this as if i can feel kourtney's pain. I feel like scott wants kourtney to know that he is hurt by all the new boundaries by setting boundary to not hug kourtney anymore. The pain these two felt ahhhh can they just make up already they hv the best kids in the world


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