1. this video was the biggest waste of time that I've ever had in my life there's 10 minutes of my life I just wasted that I could have spent doing something with my child celebrities that died why don't you put celebrities that died that people actually know nobody knew any of these people that watch this video with me my family didn't know one person how we supposed to know German actors Italian composers , Japanese writers are you serious why don't you do a video on all the people the clintons had killed in October of 2018 that would have been a better list at least we would have known some of them people there is an idea for your next video list all the people Clinton's murdered I guarantee you'll get 10 times as many likes and Views then you will with this thing what were you thinking when you put this video out let's find as many people at nobody would know and waste your time and make them watch this thanks for nothing !!!


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