1. for the love of god the amount of people asking where kenzie is and she is 'left out', maybe she didn't want to be on it? or she's a little too young to understand or handle what comes with this? or she's just busy? there's a lot of different reasons

  2. This reminds me of my older sister who died when she was about 7 months and even though I've never met her i feel so close to her and miss her so much x I believe she is my guardian Angel 👼

  3. I wish melissa would write a truthful book about dance moms. Melissa lied a lot on that show about Abbys favoritism towards maddie and how she in fact gave maddie advantages over the other girls. I mean, we all knew it was going on. We all could see there were things left out of the show. I wish melissa would just be real about what she really thought about the experience and the treatment of the other kids. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know melissa covered a lot so maddie and sometimes MacKenzie, got the benefits from abby. I think it would healing for her to tell the truth plus it would be a best seller. She always wants to paint her kids in this perfect little picture and act as if nothing sinister went on.

  4. what did Tyler henry do that's so amazing?? Shook his head a bit,,. Of course cancer will spread in the late stages of it, Don't have to be a psychic to know that.Tyler working in Hospice before as a nurse also lets you see a lot of illnesses an how they work on the body,, So what did he (Tyler)do> Like I said nodded his head, smile a lot,,, He is one big "FAKE" Anyone can understand losing a Mother will feel like abandonment issues . Especially when so young, It's the long run of maturity that will show how her thinking was off-center, That Tyler is nothing more than "FAKE NEWS"

  5. Y'all it doesn't matter whether it's real or not. This man is providing people with comfort, understanding, and closure. Regardless if their loved ones are still hanging around, they needed to deal with issues and he helped guide them through it. So it doesn't really matter if he's a fake as long as he's aiding these people.

  6. I can relate so much,my grandma died a year before I was born but when she was alive she used to say to my mom that she was gonna have another daughter then 1 year later my mom was pregnant with me.My family would always say that I’m a lot like my grandma and we would’ve got along really well but I never got to meet her and all of my cousins and siblings did and it’s hard to think about all the fun times we could’ve had because I’m very close with my family

  7. My mom passed at 57 as well. I feel she was too young but her body took on multiple sicknesses which I understand but it’s also hard to accept. You’re never going to see that person again or hear their voice. I miss her everyday. And that’s literally the hardest thing to get through. My mother was my best friend. #SixMonthsStrong


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