1. It's sad that Ronda had to feel that,it's even more sad she had to say to herself he was on a business trip. You think she is a tough girl,inside and out and she is because she coped with that then and now she still does . I honestly feel Ronda from several family losses,I am so proud of her for being a trooper going through such a sad tragedy. Sending lots of prayers.

  2. Wait! WHAT??!! Ummm, shouldn’t Tyler be “recounting” the story instead of her??!!!_. GEESH! I really, REALLY can NOT stand people like Tyler- _grief vultures who prey on the vulnerable!!! 👎🏼👎🏼

  3. I share the same story of my father committing suicide using carbon monoxide so I can 100% relate to her and I identify with her so much more now. My father wasn’t sick however.. well in the mind he was. I hope she can find peace, as well as myself

  4. shes one of the luckiest people in the world how could you feel sorry for her. Both her parents are severely visually impaired her mother is legally blind shes blessed with dodging her parents shitty vision genes and having 20 20 vision without glasses or contacts. She has a very healthy body and brain She has a really pretty face . She became an olympic medalist and world champion. She was a undefeated ufc fighter until up about 2 years ago. She become the first female martial arts to become a millionaire there is absolutely nothing to feel sorry for her about. Shes traveled the world went to brazil with her family she eats the best food in the world lives in a million dollar home in los angeles california and shops at whole foods and lives in the most expensive city in the world she had a beatiful wedding in hawaii shes now has a 10 million dollar contract with wrestlemania. Believe me she WAS BORN UNDER A LUCKY STAR! DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR RONDA Rousey shes one of the most fortunate people in the world. Sure her father passing away was very unfortunate but everything else after was VERY FORTUNATE.

  5. It's very hard to not have your father at least she got to know him and had him and I'm thankful I had mine too because when you get older your good times your lowest times you wish they were by your side cheering you on guiding you…and knowing my dad having both married mom and father set me up for a lot of morals and values stability …all my friends that there parents had them out of wedlock on drugs teens pregnancy all these chicks these days breeding with whoever not knowing their kids father out of wedlock is disgusting to me what they will later put their kids thru daddy issues different men different baby daddy's so sad sleeping with any man to feel loved…im 32 out of all my friends same age look the best no kids and no drugs …

  6. This guy is so fake I can't believe anyone believes him, kind of funny house he only reads for famous people whose info is so easy to get. Did anyone else see the reading he did for Latoya Jackson where he mentioned the rides and one of them being a Dumbo ride and he played stupid acting like he knew nothing about that. Who didn't know Michael Jackson had those kids rides at his home? Try doing a read for your average person coming up with info that no one could guess and maybe then more people would believe him but that won't happen bcuz it will expose he's a fake.


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