1. That happened in my old place and the spirit was not friendly and wanted us out the house. It was a woman who died there and would turn my tv on and off will turn my sons remote control on and any toys he had will turn on and one day i was looking at the window and my hand was under the window when it shut on my hand almost broke my fingers the glass broke. Cabinets will open and close all by itself so creepy. At night I can see a shadow in my mirror on my dresser super scary. I had a group come from a Pentecostal church that rebuked whatever she was doing and told her to leave and rest in peace. That night it was all peaceful and was gone.

  2. Many Are Calling On Demons. Don't Be Deceived, By This Fantasyland Called Hollywood. Many Have Sold Out. For Fame & Fortune. "Meduims" Who Summons The Dead Are Deceivers & Liars.
    Remember Satan Is The Father Of Lies.
    Jesus Is Lord.

  3. I feel that technology situations from soul could call for awakening. Because technology connect us to crown chakra and uranus planet. Both are pushing us to awaken and become free from our inner suffering. And since the soul spends so much time in the kithen and in the stairs it means that kitchen present transformation, healing and change. And stairs are about progress. Both of them have within some suffering that is called by soul through technology to both awaken. Personal astrology of them could reveal much more in a detailed way. They attracted this spirit for reason.

  4. so are we spirits roaming around, do we see nothingness, are we "crossed over" into whatever place , or are we reincarnated after death? I am so lost lol, I think we have a choice to be honest. I have seen a ghost, and I have felt energy numerous times, so I believe Tyler before you guys coming at me telling me he's fake


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