If you like questionable social media drama, environmental change and goofy skits, you’re probably already a big fan of TikToker Josh Richards. He’s got 15 million followers on the platform and millions more across the Internet. It helps that Josh is an actor who’s been in films like Brother’s Keeper and Summertime Dropouts. Even though he got into some beef with fellow TikToker Lil Huddy, Josh has said he’s trying to be a positive influence for his fanbase. Here’s everything you need to know about him.

He’s from Canada

Josh was born on January 31, 2002 in Ontario, Canada. He told Famous Birthdays he has a younger sister named Olivia and a younger brother named Willie.

He’s got a huge following on TikTok

He’s really popular across all his social media. He’s got close to 950k followers on YouTube and over four million on Instagram. But on Tiktok he’s got 15.7 million followers. He typically posts dancing, lip syncing video skits with his friends.

He’s a member of the Sway House

The Sway House is an all male creator collective based in LA. In the house tour and Q&A posted in January 2020, they mentioned there are seven members of the house with one potential member staying in a guest room. All seven members combined have close to 45 million TikTok followers.

He’s dating Nessa Barrett

“Jessa” has been together since October, 2019. She’s TikTok famous too with more than 5.5 followers. Josh says he reached out to her after finding one of her videos on the For You page of the app. “I kind of just DM’d her because I thought she was a hot TikTok girl.”

He (and Nessa) have beef with Lil Huddy

In March 2020, there were rumors that TikToker Chase Hudson (Lil Huddy) slid into Nessa’s DMs to send an explicit pic even though he’s dating Charli D’Amelio.

Josh later released a diss track titled “Still Softish” with fellow TikToker (and Sway House Member) Bryce Hall.

In a follow up video explaining the song, Josh and Bryce said that the diss track wasn’t made just because of that one incident, but they don’t say what those other incidents were. In an unedited video on YouTube, Josh is filming a Q&A with Bryce and another Sway House Member Jaden Hossler. In the video, Josh says that Chase was trying to have sex with Nessa while he was dating Charli.

The follow up video also addresses fans who think the beef isn’t real. Josh also posted a video of him and Bryce showing Chase the diss track’s music video in person. And Chase tweeted that he predicted someone would make a diss track about him before the video was released.

When Chase saw the video and didn’t look too upset by it, fans thought it was all for clout. But Josh clarified in a tweet that Chase had tried to reach out and apologize. “We arent [sic] boys like before but we thought the most mature thing to do was put the history behind us,” the tweet says in part.

“We decided the most mature thing to do was to just squash the beef. Then, you know, our friends can hang out and it’s not f*cking awkward,” said Josh when he explained that everyone in the Hype House (that Huddy and Charli are members of) and the Sway House are friends with each other (aside from Josh and Huddy).

He has “Still Softish” merch

All of this drama with Huddy could turn into $$ for Josh and Bryce. You can buy the sweatpants they were wearing in the music video.

He said his celebrity crush is Selena Gomez

In the interview with Famous Birthdays, Josh said he loved watching Wizards of Waverly Place when he was younger. “Yeah, it’s always been Selena Gomez since grade four.”

He’s an actor

He has an IMDb page that lists movies like Summertime Dropouts and Brother’s Keeper as films he’s worked in. He told Famous Birthdays that he was inspired to be an actor from watching movies and now he wants to inspire other kids to act as well. But he hasn’t gotten the chance to work with his favorite actor, Will Smith, yet.

He also says he has a role in the upcoming movie The Cardinal Sin. IMDb says it’s based on the true story about the ’09 Abilene High School Football team. Josh says he’ll be playing a character who helps stop bullying.

He’s done some work to help the environment

In an interview with Deseret News, Josh said he attended Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2020 and teamed up with others to help the environment. He worked Stan Bharti, Alex Mashinsky and crypto billionaire Brock Pierce to give three fans $5,000 each to three fans. All they had to do was post about what they were doing to help the planet.

He wants to be a positive influence for his fans

Josh told Famous Birthdays he ends all of his livestreams with “Remember to keep smiling ’cause it’s what looks good on you.”

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